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SALES PROMOTERS was established in the year 1997. It was the brainchild of Mr. Arvind Harkawat, who around that time forecast the need for environmental safety and related issues. Being a hardcore marketing buff by instinct himself he could see the green pastures at the end of efforts that he was to make and revolutionize Waste Treatment & Disposal in Rajasthan. You talk of Incinerators and his name strikes you instantly, you think of effluent treatment plants and your mind recalls his name.




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Our Plant

Mr. Arvind Harkawat Proprietor

Bio Medical Waste Segregation

Contaminated Waste (Recyclable)

Red Coloured Non-chlorinated Plastic Bags or Containers

Human Anatomical Waste,Soiled Waste, Animal Anatomical Waste,Expired or Discarded Medicines,Chemical Waste,Chemical Liquid Waste,Microbiology,Biotechnology and other clinical laboratory waste

Yellow Coloured Non-chlorinated Plastic Bags

Waste sharps including Metals

Cardboard Boxes with Blue Colored Marking

Glassware,Metallic Body Implants

Puncture proof,Leak proof,Tamper proof Containers

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CBWTF, Nagar Nigam Landfill Site, Jaisalmer Road, Barli Post Office, Jodhpur-342001

Email: cbwtf.jodhpur@gmail.com

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